DURATION: Self Paced
Investment: $67

The Website Prep Pack

Get started on building your own website without confusion and overwhelming with our Website Prep Pack!

You’re ready and willing to build your own website, but you’re confused on all the terms, the platforms, the hosting…

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

This course takes you through all the core information you need before you DIY or work with a designer to build your brand new website.

We will remove the confusion and empower you to move forward!


Module 1 Welcome
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 History of Website Design
Unit 3 Our Course Modules
Unit 4 Course Resources
Module 2 Choosing your Platform
Unit 1 Intro - Choosing your Platform
Unit 2 Wordpress
Unit 3 Shopify
Unit 4 Site Builders
Unit 5 Platform Summary
Module 3 Domains & Hosting
Unit 1 Hosting & the extra's
Unit 2 Web Hosting
Unit 3 Domains
Unit 4 Email Hosting
Unit 5 SSL Certificates
Module 4 Designing a Great Home-Page
Unit 1 Intro to designing a homepage
Unit 2 Core Principals
Unit 3 High Resolution Images
Unit 4 Colour Scheme & Background
Unit 5 Optimise Buttons
Unit 6 Update Content Frequently
Unit 7 Mobile Site
Module 5 What other Pages are important?
Unit 1 Intro to Internal Pages
Unit 2 Internal Pages
Module 6 Payment Processors & Shipping
Unit 1 Payment Processors
Unit 2 Shipping
Module 7 Marketing & SEO
Unit 1 Intro - SEO & Marketing
Unit 2 On Page SEO
Unit 3 Off Page SEO
Unit 4 Alt Text
Unit 5 Page Titles & Descriptions
Unit 6 Title Heirarchy
Unit 7 Marketing Techniques we recommend
Module 8 Bonus Information
Unit 1 Search Console
Unit 2 Google for Business
Unit 3 Google Analytics
Unit 4 Images for Link Sharing
Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course teach me how to build my website on my chosen platform?

This course is designed to eliminate the confusion before you start building. It covers the 6 core areas you need to be knowledgable on before you take the plunge and choose a website builder and start designing.

Does this course use heaps of technical terms?

We’ve not changed words or dumbed anything down, we’ve specifically created this course to explain what the tech terms mean, in a simple and easy to understand way, so you can be confident when you start your project that you know what you are doing.

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