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You are a self starter wanting to DIY your website but…

You're confused by tech terminology

We’re really good at explaining, and making complex functions seem easy. We’ve simplified the tech talk so you can DIY your website with confidence.

You're after a course you can refer to whenever you need

The Website Prep pack will be your guidebook for every stage of your DIY Build. You will receive lifetime course access, including updates.

You are full of questions

We want the learning journey to continue, join our Facebook Community and continue to be supported by our coaches.

Introducing… the Website Prep Pack

An overwhelm free training course, whose sole purpose is to support creatives, self starters, and micro business owners to cut the confusion and give you the 6 core areas you need to know and understand before starting to build your very own website.

You could have already created your website but...

You’ve been confused by the amount of choices, what on earth is hosting, your well meaning husband or partners suggestions and Google has led you down a rabbit hole straight into a glass of gin.


Bullshit and Bias Free
A comprehensive explanation of the four major website builders, based on their capabilities, not our opinions (or your besties)
.com or .whatthehellamidoing
We’re not removing the tech talk, we’re explaining it, so you can discuss hosting with your cousins boyfriend over family dinner and feel confident in your knowledge.

How’s this for jam packed

Your results will include:

  • Clarity on where to build your website based on your needs
  • You’ll feel empowered after learning industry terms and what elements you require
  • Understanding the key elements of website design and how to build a home page that converts
  • Knowing which pages you need on your site
  • Key marketing techniques to share you new website with your audience
  • A home base for you to continue your learning in a supportive and encouraging environment

Featured Reviews

The Website Prep Pack is brand spanking new… so we aren’t going to make up reviews for kudos. If you finish the course, and you love it, let us know  so we can feature your review. Have constructive feedback? We want that too, so we can ensure this course is a premium product.

Hey there!!

I’m Erica, the owner of the voice you are about to get to know really well. I’m also the Creative Director of The Island Creative, a 6 figure Marketing Agency in Tasmania.

As a self taught website designer it too me years to wrap my head around all of the areas I had to focus on to ensure when we published a site, we published right.

Now with over 11 years up my sleeve, and a reinvigorated focus to coach and educate, I realised that if there had been a one stop location to cover off the areas I needed to have knowledge in when building a website I would have been able to develop my skills much quicker.

I’m a knowledge sharer, I’ve poured all of my years of learning into this course and I hope nothing more that it becomes a valuable tool for you to build not only your site, but the business of your dreams.

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